Anti-Aging Report


Do you fear the aches, pains and diseases that often accompany growing older? Do you see your peers stricken with a variety of ailments and silently hope that those same health problems pass you by? Are you looking for a way to help prevent the rapid decline of your physical body? Well then, this report is especially for you.

Hi, my name is Dr. Robert Jones. In this report, I am going to teach you about the signs of aging, some of the most significant and common diseases that accompany aging, and how you can take preventative measures to avoid becoming a victim like so many others your age.

While the fountain of youth is merely a tale, the ailments that often take lives earlier than need be are very real. You must be proactive and aggressive in this day and age to conquer the very diseases that are consuming numerous middle-age and elderly people every day.

How is Anti-Aging Defined?

There are a number of definitions out there for anti-aging. However, to properly understand what it is, you must first understand what anti-aging is not.

Anti-aging does not mean that time can stand still for a person’s age and that they will still look like they did in their 30’s when they are 80 years old. It is not a promise to eradicate wrinkles or to ensure that the elderly will be as agile as they were in their prime of life. While there are a number of pills and lotions on the market that try to claim these things, many are false and distract from the more important matters that require serious attention.

Anti-aging is simply a proactive plan to avoid the diseases that so often ravage those ages 50 and up, including heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer ’s disease and osteoporosis. It is a course of action taken to help an individual live healthier and thus, longer. Besides, it is only wise for one to take care of their health while they are still young, so that as they age, the good habits that they have developed will pay off and less money will be spent at the doctor’s office or under the surgeon’s knife. Yikes!

The Signs of Aging

Many people make jokes about what it is like to get older, but for those who are actually going through difficult physical struggles, it’s not so funny. Some people don’t even like to think about nor discuss their age, as it can be a frightening or depressing topic to contemplate.

Some of the most common signs of aging may include:

  • MEMORY LOSS: Have you ever forgotten what you were about to say while in the middle or a sentence? Or, is it becoming harder to place names with faces? Is it sometimes difficult to remember what you were doing even yesterday?
  • FRAGILE BONES: Have you suffered a bone fracture as the result of a simple injury? Is your skeletal structure noticeably weaker? Does the cold weather sometimes make your bones ache?
  • HARDENING OF THE ARTERIES: Have tests from the doctor shown blockage in your arteries? Do you struggle with your cholesterol levels?

Thankfully, if caught early on, these signs of aging can often be reversed if coupled with an aggressive plan that protects one’s overall health.

Culprits that Speed Up the Aging Process

You don’t have to feel bad about growing older. Older should mean wiser. And, part of being wiser should include understanding the different factors that can cause an individual to age faster.

For many of us, these factors simply make sense, yet our society at large still lags behind in avoiding the very things that can send them to an early grave. Some of the worst instigators in the aging process are:

  • Stress
  • Lack of exercise
  • Lack of sufficient sleep
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Weak Immune systems
  • Poor diets consisting of sugars, starches and trans-fatty acids
  • Lack of sufficient Omega 3 fatty acids in one’s diet

Therefore, it is important to eat right and stay active, no matter how old you are. Even if you already use a cane to walk, keep your legs moving as much as possible to give your body the exercise it needs. Avoid foods that are harmful to your health, and choose lots of fruits, vegetables, grains, fish and lean meat for meals.

Yet, while it is important to make these lifestyle changes, they may not be enough in themselves to ensure that disease is kept at bay. It is necessary to have someone working with you on the journey that is skilled in the prevention of disease. Any one of the above factors may be triggering adverse reactions in your body, and so it is vital to obtain a complete evaluation.

“I Don’t Want to Touch it with a Ten-Foot Pole”
If you are honest, you can truly say that you hate being sick. If you thought having a cold or flu was bad in your youth, imagine the enormity of dealing with heart disease or cancer as you age. Imaging having to go through chemotherapy treatments or having open heart surgery. Imagine not being able to communicate with those that are close to you because disease has so wracked your body that you can hardly speak?

Certainly you are thinking, “I don’t want any of that! I don’t want to touch it with a ten-foot pole!” This is exactly why preventative measures are so vital. If you do not work to capture any abnormalities early on, you may be dealing with serious health issues that require weeks-long stays in the hospital or emergency surgery to correct the problem.

I am certainly not trying to scare you about the aging process, but I hope that at this point you feel motivated to start taking care of yourself, and to link up with those that can create a plan for you that can help to keep sickness and disease at bay.

However, the time to act is NOW. Your heart, brain, lungs and every cell of your being are too important to treat lightly. DON’T WAIT until you actually get sick to seek help. Join the fight on aging today by being proactive on the offense, not waiting until defense is all you have.

Conquer Your Fears

If you or someone you love has crossed the big 5-0, or is gearing up for retirement, put anti-aging at the top of your list of issues that need your utmost attention. IN FACT, I ENCOURAGE YOU TO COME SEE ME AT OUR OFFICE.

I’m in your corner. I’m here to help you be proactive and fight against the very things that would like to attack you. Let’s work TOGETHER so that we can create a course of action that will help your body ward off any foreign chemicals, and show them who really is the champion in this matter.

I care so much about your well-being that I would like to offer you a Free Consultation so that we can discuss your specific symptoms, their severity, and how we can CONQUER AGING HEAD-ON!

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