Your Body Will Thank You

#DraperUT Hello, this is Doctor Robert Jones, your favorite functional medicine doctor in Draper. Today’s post is about the importance of choosing healthy foods for proper bodily function. It is very important to ensure that your body has the nutrients that it needs to carry you through the day. Burgers, fries and shakes just won’t […]

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Having Trouble Concentrating?

#DraperUT Good day; Doctor Robert Jones here. I would like to talk to residents of Draper today about the condition called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. So many people have trouble concentrating on their work. They feel as if they may have developed adult ADD as they just can’t seem to function correctly. If the lack of […]

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Causes of Constipation: Part One

#DraperUT Hi, I’m Doctor Robert Jones, the functional medicine doctor of choice here in Draper. Today, I would like to present part one of a three-part series on the causes of constipation. Constipation is one of those taboo subjects because it is so embarrassing, yet most people suffer with this condition at one time or […]

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Causes of Constipation: Part Two

#DraperUT This is Doctor Robert Jones, a practitioner of integrative medicine in Draper. In today’s blog, we are examining another common cause of constipation: the lack of sufficient fiber. Perhaps you run from eating green leafy vegetables and make jokes about such items being “rabbit food.” While it may seem humorous at the time, neglecting […]

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Causes of Constipation: Part Three

#DraperUT Hi, this is Doctor Robert Jones, your friendly functional medicine doctor from Draper. Today, I want to conclude our three-part series on the common causes of constipation. Interestingly enough, many medications that people take may increase their risk for constipation. Among the greatest culprits are aspirins and anti-depressants. Even antacid tablets may make you […]

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A Merry Heart Does Good Like a Medicine

#DraperUT Stress is a killer, but laughter is good medicine. I’m Doctor Robert Jones, and today I would like to speak to my friends in Draper about the importance of having a good laugh. It has been said that laughter is like internal jogging. It gives your muscles and organs some good exercise. When you […]

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Are the Neighbors Keeping You Awake?

#DraperUT Do you toss and turn at night because of noisy neighbors? Hi, I’m Doctor RobertJones, your hometown practitioner of functional medicine in Draper, and today I would like to talk again on the subject of insomnia. There are many reasons why people fail to obtain adequate sleep. Some are just night owls. Others stay […]

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Young Doctors Smiling --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Talk to Family and Friends

#DraperUT Are you searching for a family doctor? Hi, I’m Doctor Robert Jones, a practitioner of functional medicine in Draper, and today, I want to give you a tip on finding the right doctor for you. It may be helpful to talk to family and friends about who they are currently utilizing for general health […]

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Hormonal Problems and Thyroid Malfunction

#DraperUT If you’ve been experiencing hormonal problems, it may be due to your thyroid gland. Hi, I’m Doctor Robert Jones, and today’s post is for residents in Draper who suffer with this condition. The thyroid is a small, yet important glad in the neck that works to provide proper bodily function. When the thyroid is […]

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