Frequently Asked Questions

What are bio-identical hormones?

Bio-identical hormones are derived from plants and have the same chemical structure as the hormones manufactured by our bodies. Drug companies cannot patent a bio-identical structure, thus they create “synthetic” hormones. Our hormones are derived from natural sources such as soy and glandular extracts and are made at a compounding pharmacy to our specifications. Drugs such as as Synthroid, Levothyroxin, Premarin, and Provera are synthetic and are, in our opinion, toxic to the human body. bio-identical hormones are matched to each person’s individual needs, which is nearly impossible with the mass-produced synthetic products.

Will I be on hormones for the rest of my life?

Not usually. Our intent is to get your hormones balanced, keep you that way for several years, then gradually decrease the dosages over time where possible.

What is the outcome of hormone therapy?

We have an extremely high success rate among women and men from all ages and all walks of life. Patients who follow our program experience increased energy, greater mental vitality, and a brighter future emotionally and physically.

Can you utilize existing blood test results?

Yes. Please bring any blood work with you for the initial consultation. If we can use any of those findings, we will not have to duplicate the blood tests. They should be no older than 3 months.

Is there a discount for family members?

Yes, additional immediate family members receive a 15% discount. We realize that once you start feeling the effects of the therapy that you will naturally want to share it with others of your family.

Do you treat only menopausal women?

No. We treat all women and men with hormonal imbalances. Common symptoms include weight gain, PMS, osteoporosis, menopause, loss of libido, fatigue, etc.

What is covered by my insurance?

It will depend on your particular coverage. Many insurance companies now pay for at least some of the prescribed hormones. bio-identical hormones are very inexpensive compared to other patented medicines. The average cost per hormone ranges from $10 to $30 per month. Almost all insurance companies cover the blood tests.

Our Center does not bill any insurance. You may wish to bill it yourself, but we do not enter into the relationship. If we were to do so then the insurance companies would dictate what kind of treatment may be rendered. We are not listed as bio-identical hormone replacement therapy providers with any insurance companies.