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1. Thyroid

I lack energy and am always tired.
I seem unable to lose weight.
Being overweight or obese runs in my family.
Weight seems to settle stubbornly in certain areas of my body and remains there despite weight loss.
I have issues with anxiety/depression.
I am often cold when others in the room are comfortable.
I have trouble remembering things, or difficulty concentrating (brain fog).
My hair is thinning or I've lost much of my eyebrows.
I have high cholesterol or am taking cholesterol lowering medications.
I seem to have developed dry skin.
I am frequently moody or irritable.
I suffer from frequent constipation.
I am sensitive to cold or hot weather.

2. Progesterone (women only)

I get very emotional the week before my period.
I have a history of PMS, or suffer from it now.
I've had problems with heavy periods or menstrual cramps.
I often feel anxious or suffer from panic attacks.
I’ve had more than one miscarriage.
I’ve had or have infertility problems.
I can’t fall asleep at night.
I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep.
I suffer from depression or at least mood swings.
My periods are very irregular.
My periods are really heavy.
I get bad headaches before my periods.

3. Estrogen (women only)

I experience frequent hot flashes day or night.
I experience night sweats.
I have problems with vaginal dryness (painful intercourse).
I have insomnia.
I have lost interest in sex.
I skip periods.
I get frequent bladder infections.
My bladder leaks (incontinence).

4. Testosterone

I have low sex drive.
I have decreased stamina/endurance or drive in life.
I lack energy and am always tired.
I have noticed a loss of tone in my muscles.
I have been diagnosed with osteoporosis (thinning of the bones) or osteopenia.

5. Adrenals

My stress levels are consistently very high.
I sleep poorly.
I feel “wired but tired”.
Standing up quickly from a laying down position can cause me to be lightheaded or dizzy.
I have low blood pressure.
I have been diagnosed with low thyroid function.
I don’t handle stress well.
I am a slow starter in the mornings.
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