Thyroid Report


Special Report on Thyroid Disease: Why You May Be One of the 27 Million Americans Suffering with this Disorder and Not Even Know it!

Dear Friend,

Do you struggle with a seemingly unwinnable battle with your weight? Do you often feel run down and unusually cold? Do you notice problems with your skin and hair, especially in the morning when you reach for your hairbrush? You may be living with thyroid disease and not even know it.

Hi, my name is Dr. Jones, and in this report, I am going to teach you about the symptoms of thyroid disease, its causes and what you must do to act now before the condition severely interrupts your life and develops into a more serious problem.

Thyroid disease is one of the most common medical problems in America, yet it is also one of the most mistaken conditions, simply because many of its symptoms are also characteristic of other diseases. Additionally, some afflicted individuals may only target the various signs of thyroid disease without getting down to the root of the problem, thereby continuing to suffer unnecessarily. If you want to find real freedom, you need to pay close attention to this report.

What is Thyroid Disease?

Thyroid disease can manifest in two different ways: hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. Both problems occur due to hormonal imbalances in the thyroid, a butterfly-shaped gland in the Adam’s apple area of one’s throat.

Hypothyroidism is caused when there are not enough hormones being produced in the thyroid, and hyperthyroidism arises when too many hormones are present.

Why is the balance of these hormones so important? I’ll tell you.

Hormones that are produced in the thyroid affect almost all other bodily functions, but two of the most important hormones regulate a person’s metabolism. Metabolism is responsible for converting calories into energy, so that food does not turn into fat. However, thyroid disease can also negatively affect one’s heart health and digestive system, as well as cause problems with one’s skin and hair. The condition most commonly afflicts women in their menopausal years, but men can also deal with problems as they age as well.

What are the Symptoms and Causes of Thyroid Disease?


Since hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are at the opposite ends of the spectrum, so are their symptoms. Many of these signs are quite similar to diseases such as Chronic Fatigue and Candida infections; therefore, self-diagnosis is not recommended.

Hypothyroidism can be characterized by the following:

  • Dry hair and brittle nails
  • Dry and flaky skin
  • Fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Mood swings
  • Constipation
  • Weight gain, and inability to lose weight
  • Reduced body temperature, causing one to feel abnormally cold

Hyperthyroidism, on the other hand, can be characterized by:

  • Hair loss
  • Oily skin
  • Menstrual problems
  • Inexplicable weight loss
  • Racing of the heart

If you experience these symptoms, you should seek help right away and not allow the warning signs to progress into more serious problems.

You may be asking, however, “What causes thyroid disease in the first place? Certainly there is a reason why all of these symptoms are occurring; right?” Absolutely.

One of the most common causes of thyroid problems is the lack of, or an excess of, iodine in one’s diet, depending on which type of the disease an individual has been diagnosed with. Iodine is an extremely vital mineral when it comes to thyroid health. Sometimes eating too much soy can cause hormonal problems as well, although this is likely not the case for most people. Repeated exposure to radiation can also interfere with proper thyroid function, and those with already existing auto immune diseases may be at greater risk for this condition. Additionally, individuals who smoke may increase their chances of obtaining thyroid disease, so don’t be fooled into thinking that you are somehow immune just because you are young or healthy.

You don’t want to write off signs of this disease as just a natural result of aging or try to play doctor to yourself and hope that things will self-reverse. Thyroid disease can turn MUCH worse if not treated properly, and you don’t want to take that risk! Don’t believe me? Keep reading!

The Gruesome Goiter


See this picture on the right? This is an example of a person with advanced thyroid disease. The condition has now developed into a goiter (or multiple goiters), which protrude from the individual’s throat. Some sufferers may develop goiters that are small and not quite as noticeable, but in severe cases, the masses can be as large as a balloon. Either way, the presence of a goiter is not only miserable, but extremely embarrassing. It can hinder your work and social life, and even cause you to retreat until you don’t want to step out of the house lest you be seen by others and deal with their long stares and terrified faces.

You don’t have to live like this. Why wait until the situation gets this bad before you finally do something about it?

Thankfully, there is much hope for those with thyroid disease and YOU can stop its progression in its tracks before it makes another statistic out of you. However, you must act right away. Change does not happen on its own.

Tackling Thyroid Disease Head-On

If you can relate to the symptoms that I have outlined in this report, from the horror of hair loss, to unending problems with controlling your weight, to the agony of constipation and the misery of moodiness, now is the time to do something about it. Even here in Draper, there is much help available to tackle thyroid disease and win. THAT’S WHAT I’M HERE FOR. Our office is conveniently located right in the neighborhood, and we would enjoy having you as our patient. We believe you will enjoy visiting us as well.

Most of all, I want to help you conquer this disease before it conquers you. I don’t want you to be too tired to make dinner for your spouse or to spend time playing with the children. I don’t want you to be embarrassed over the deteriorating condition of your skin and hair. I don’t want you feeling like you’re about to have a heart attack because your chest is pounding out of control. I want you to be the HEALTHIEST and MOST VIBRANT that you’ve ever been. Thyroid disease is treatable, but I can’t assist you if you don’t contact me.

In fact, I care so much about your well-being that I would like to offer you a Free Consultation so that we can sit down and discuss your specific symptoms, their regularity and the extent of the problem, and then plan an effective course of action that can reverse this common disease. LET’S CONQUER THIS CONDITION HEAD-ON!

In order to take advantage of this Free Consultation, please complete the form below. My office will then be in touch with you promptly to set up an appointment at your convenience. However, keep in mind that this offer is on a first come, first served basis. The opportunities will likely be snatched up quickly, so don’t delay!

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